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Chip Processing II


Chip Processing
The handling and disposal of wet chips and grinding sludge can be a hidden source of savings and even revenue for your operations when you employ chip processing solutions. Mayfran offers a variety of chip wringers, chip crushers/shredders and briquetters to effectively dry chips, reduce chip volumes and condense chips into manageable sizes ready for recycling.

Chip processing solutions can provide an outstanding return on investment through reduced labor costs, cost savings through re-using valuable coolants/oils, significantly increased scrap value, and transportation cost savings.

Chip Shredders and Crushers
Chip shredders and crushers are often the first step in a chip handling and processing system to reduce the chip size to enable proper processing or transport, especially via overhead systems. Chip shredders also provide value as a potential stand-alone solution to reduce the volume and transportation costs associated with your scrap.

Chip Wringers
Chip wringers (or chip centrifuges) dry chips produced by machining or sludge produced by grinding to recover valuable coolant, and increasing their scrap value. These chip processing solutions can generate a rapid payback on investment while simultaneously meeting ever more stringent environment regulations regarding chip disposal.

FastPac Briquetters
FastPac® briquetting systems can compress chips into high density, dry, compact briquettes. This helps recover valuable coolant, significantly increases scrap value, and reduces storage and transportation requirements. The combination of benefits can result in a fast return on your investment.

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