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Chip Processing


Central Chip Handling and Swarf Processing Systems

For machining operations with multiple machine tools, central chip processing and handling systems provide for automated handling of scrap with value-added processing to help recover valuable coolant, reduce transportation and disposal costs, and increase the amount that recyclers will pay for your scrap. With a broad range of models to choose from, we can easily scale solutions to fit the size of your operations and the nature of the materials and coolant you use.

Chip Processing

The handling and disposal of wet chips and grinding sludge can be a hidden source of savings and even revenue for your operations when you employ chip processing solutions. Mayfran offers a variety of chip wringers, crushers/shredders and briquetters to effectively dry chips, reduce chip volumes and condense chips into manageable sizes ready for recycling.

Chip and Coolant Handling
Central chip handling systems based on pneumatic, push-bar, steel belt, drag, or screw conveyor designs, can reduce costs and forklift traffic by automating the collection and transport of chips from machine tools to central binning or processing systems.  These systems complement the machine tool conveyor solutions we provide to create a clean and effective manner for managing your flow of scrap from metalcutting operations.

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