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Consta-Flow II


Reduce Energy Use • Provide Cost Savings • Improve System Performance

• Can Be Added to Existing Motor Controls or as a Complete Retrofit
• Easy to Use and Safe to Operate
• Diagnostic Features Can be Included
• Data Logging Capabilities are Available

Overall Benefits of Consta-Flow
• System Airflow Remains Constant – Capture and Conveying Velocities Remain Constant
• Reduces Electricity Costs
• Increased Filter Life Due to a More Consistent Airflow/Loading
• Decreases Operating Costs of Replacement Filters and Downtime for Filter Change-Outs
• Reduces Blower Speed and Wear
• Match Blower Output to Filter Pressure Drop
• Eliminates Dependence on Mechanical Dampers to Balance System
• Reduces Maintenance Cost
• Reduces Motor and Bearing Stresses

Install Variable Frequency Drives on Additional Equipment
• HVAC Systems – Fans for Supply and Return Air • Cooling Towers • Boilers
• Pumps for Chilled Water Distribution • Waste Water Treatment • Chillers

Often motors that run these devices operate at full speed and the system uses dampers and valves
to control air and water flow. This is not an efficient use of energy. A variable frequency drive with logic will improve system performance and energy consumption will be reduced.

Let us analyze your system for free and we will show you how much money you can save. The

Consta-Flow is a ROI (Return on Investment) Solution with payback often less than One (1) Year.

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