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Reduce Energy Use • Provide Cost Savings • Improve System Performance


Variable Frequency Drive with PLC and Logic Automatically Controls Airflow                              
Keeps the System Airflow Always at a Constant Velocity
Adjusts Real-time for Pressure Drop Increases and Decreases
When the Filters are Clean, Less Electricity is Consumed, Money is Saved
When Less Workstations are Operating, Airflow is Decreased, Money is Saved

Most motors that run dust collector blowers operate at full speed and the system airflow is controlled by
using mechanical dampers on the blower outlet. The damper method to control the airflow is an inefficient
use of electricity and the airflow of the system often becomes unbalanced due to the
damper not being adjusted properly. The motors are always running at full speed and at full cost.

By using the IWI Consta-Flow Controller, the dust collection system remains in a balanced state
and the electricity consumption is optimized.

The horsepower required to drive the blower changes with the pressure requirement. When the pressure
is low (clean filters), the blower only requires approximately 60% to 70% of its full
potential. By controlling the blowers potential, we are able to only consume the electricity needed to effectively
operate the dust collection system. At 80% speed, only 51% of full load power isrequired.
At 60% speed, 75% less energy is required.

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