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Dust Collection Inspections


Dust Collector: Preventiive Maintenance / Service Inspection:
IWI's own Factory Trained and Certified Technicians will Inspect and Service your dust collectors so the perform at their maximum level.  We service all makes and models and can provide replacement filters and parts for all makes and models.  Whether it be a baghouse, cartridge collector, electro-static, or mist collector, we will get the units running at almost new condition.  We can re-furbish the units too.

Below is just a sample of what we would be inspecting and servicing:

MECHANICAL – Filter Enclosure
•   Inspect housing
•   Inspect filter doors and gaskets
•   Inspect tubesheet
•   Inspect duct inlet and outlet

•   Inspect all line shafting and couplings
•   Inspect all bearings where visible
•   Visual inspection of all fan wheels and housings  
•   Body & frame condition
•   Visual inspection for loose or missing nuts and bolts
•   Check blower belt tension / belt wear
•   Check damper setting

•   Complete operation check
•   Run through control sequencing of dust collector
•   Check electrical disconnect
•   Check all motors, take and record amp readings
•   Inspect and check operation of timer board
•   Inspect and check operation of filter pressure gage

•   Check incoming air supply
•   Adjust air pressure to manufacturer’s specification
•   Inspect diaphragm hoses
•   Inspect solenoids hoses and wires
•   Check for system leaks


 Visually check for leaks
•   Inspect condition of filters
•   Note the presence of water/oil on filters

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