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Fume Collectors

Dust Collection

Torit Donaldson Fume Collectors


Easy-Trunk and Porta-Trunk
• Water, Smoke, Oil (WSO)
• 3 in 1 solutions for mist applications
• Advanced Synteq XP Media
• Cross-flow design for better drainage
• Energy savings
• Lower life cycle costs
• Quiet operation
• UL-approved electrical components

• Efficient, compact design handles misty and smoke applications
• Three stages of filtration for high filtration efficiency and optimum filter life
• Available with high performance in-cover an in-line prefilters for removal of swarf and large chips
• In-cover impingers for applications with heavy concentrations of fine mist
• High collection efficiency of 98% on 1.0 µm
• Increasing to 99.97% at 0.3µm with optional fourth stage HEPA filter
• Direct-mount capability minimizes ductwork
• Recirculation of clean air eliminates the need for costly make-up air
• Provides a clean work environment for maximum productivity
• Helps support OSHA Clean Air Standards


AT 3000
• Three stage filtration for high filtration efficiency and optimum filter life
• Handles mist, smoke, and particulate applications from 300 to 1,200 CFM
• Standard Minihelic gauge indicates when filter maintenance is required
• Hinged access doors makes filter changeout easy and simple
• Productivity increases and moral improves by providing a cleaner working environment
• Helps to meet OSHA Clean Air Standards
• Optional HEPA filter is available on all models


Fume Arm
• Capture dust, fume, and smoke produced in industrial processes
• Extract the dirty air from the worker's breathing zone.
• Ex-Arm is extremely easy to position, virtually maintenance free,
• Features a 360° free rotation with smooth, low-friction maneuverability
• Available in either: bench or overhead mounting configuration
• Choice of 4", 6" and 8"diameter and extends up to 14' long.
• Ex-Arm is the standard weld fume extraction arm on all Donaldson Torit fumes collector
• Require the least maintenance of any weld fume extraction arm on the market

Weld Bench
• Robust, heavy duty #7 gauge work surface supports 150 Lbs. square foot
• High-efficiency Ultra-Web® FR fume filter cartridges - Designed for longer life
• Eliminates moving extraction arms over the welding zone.
• Meets ACGIH guidelines for capturing weld fume
• 150 fpm minimum capture velocity through the breathing zone.
• Increases workers' productivity and provides effective fume capture
• Utilizes Ultra-Web cartridges with highest filtration efficiency of 99.999% on 0.5 µm particles
• Hinged side-wing panels accommodate longer workpieces.
• Easy filter maintenance from clean air side makes filter changeout quick and efficient.
• MERV 13 filtration efficiency rating per ASHRAE 52.2-1999.
• Helps support OSHA Clean Air Standards.
• Quiet operation.


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