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Magnetic Separator


MagSep Magnetic Separator Conveyor
Magnetic separator conveyors provide cleaner coolant compared to drag conveyors in ferrous applications involving fine chips, particularly cast iron. Tank cleanouts can also be extended from weekly to quarterly, significantly reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

The MagSep® magnetic separator conveyor is ideal for dedicated cast iron and carbon steel applications generating chips smaller than 50 microns. This system utilizes a drag conveyor design with a charged magnetic bed to separate ferrous chips from coolant.

For gear cutting, broaching, and hobbing applications involving oil, the magnetic roller separator conveyor provides outstanding coolant cleanliness down to 99.9% of ferrous particles by weight.

Mayfran leads the industry in magnetic separator conveyor offerings and has additional designs available for specialized applications; please contact us and we can work with you to solve your specific challenges.


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