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Replacement Filters

Dust Collection


Cartridge Filters
• Donaldson® Torit® Filters keep dust collectors working at peak performance

• Donaldson® Ultra-Web® propietary Nanofiber technology outperform and outlast other filters

• Nanofiber technologiy ensures longer filter lift at a significantly lower pressure drop

• Lower pressure drop saves energy

• Superior particle release due to surface filtration
• Ultra-Web Filters - There is a Difference

Baghouse Filters
• Dura-Life "Twice the Life" media available
• Extensive selection to fit any collector
• A wide range of media to cover most applications
• Greater performance  
• Energy savings dues to lower pressure drop
• Reduced maintenace and operating costs due to fewer bag changeouts

Pleated Bags
• Advanced media is more efficient on capturing submicron dust particles
• Longer filter life and better pulse cleaning due to surface loading technology
• Lower energy use with beter pulse cleaning and lower operating pressue drop

• Cleaner air, longer filter life, and greater cost savings

Power Core Filters
• One Torit® PowerCore® filter pack replaces multiple cartridge or bag-style filters

• Fast and easy filter pack changes - Reduces maintenace time  
• Superior particle release due to surface filtration
• High filtration efficiency for reduced emissions
• Technology proven in the field for more than 10 years

• Bin Vent and Termally Generated Applications

Panel Filters
• HEPA and 95% DOP panel filters dramitically improve the quality of air

• HEPA Filters: 99.97% on 0.3 Micron / 95% DOP: 95% on 0.3 Micron

• HEPA Filters: Exhaise near Breathing Zone - 95% DOP: Heavy Loadings

Pleated Filters

• Low pressure drop minimized energy costs
• Laminated expanded metal provides exceptional strength throughout filter lift
• Grid prevents fluttering of media while maintaining please uniformity

Ancillary Products
• Bin Level Indicatros
• Drum Liners
• Smoke Detectors
• Photohelic Gages
• Compressed Air Dryers
• Broken Bag Detectors

• Rotary Airlock Rotors and Wipers
• Drum Covers
• Solenoid Valves
• Diaphragm Kits

• Flex Hose
Timer Boards

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