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The heart of every TC/American Monorail system begins with the pairing of the time proven “Patented” Flat Tread Rail with TC/American's own unique articulating trolley design.

The “Patented Track” Flat Tread Rail is made of high carbon alloy steel, providing a perfect rolling environment for the articulating trolley. The hard rail is economical, allows for better wear resistance, and delivers a smooth riding surface.

The articulating trolley is the ideal partner. By providing an equal weight distribution at all times, the trolley prevents wheel rocking by compensating for minor changes in load shifts. This results in reduced wear on both the trolley wheels and rail. Its adaptability to various types of loads make it an industry leader.

Whether the application is large or small, the rail/trolley combination is the heart of Patented Track System manufactured by TC/American Monorail, Inc. This design provides a smooth, long lasting, easy to operate, durable ride time after time, year after year.  

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