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Torit Cartridge Collector

Dust Collection

Torit Donaldson Cartridge Dust Collector Collectors

Ambient Air Tubesheet:
• Unique filtration design useful in applications that require customized packaging of filters
• Excellent alternative in industrial environments where dust loading is too high for standard panel-type filters
• Ultra-Web filter cartridges, provide highest filtration efficiency and longest filter life
• High collection efficiency of 99.9% allows recirculation of heated and/or air-conditioned plant air
• Automatic pulse-cleaning design for continuous operation
• Low system pressure drop keeps operating costs down
• Easy filter changeout for quicker maintenance


Downflo Oval Collector:
• Lower initial cost per cubic foot of air per minute (CFM)
• Higher efficiency – cleaner air
• Lower pressure drop – greater energy savings
• Fewer filter changeouts
• Reduced filter disposal cost
• Easy system set-up
• Less Maintenance



Downflo II DFT Colletor:
• Ledgeless construction eliminates dust build-up and accommodates wash down environments
• Compact design minimized floor space
• Patented ExtraLife Filter Cleaning System provides 30% more cleaning energy
• Fewer filter changeouts, reduced filter disposal costs, less energy usage
• Exceptional results for over 20 years and counting
• Easy system set up
• Easy Maintenance


Torit Vibra-Shake Collector:
• Two-stage cartridge for high-efficiency filtration on both coarse and fine dusts
• Compact, self-contained collector design allows placement flexibility and saves floor space
• Preassembled for easy, low cost installation 0 no need for compressed air
• Selection of inlet size and location for installation flexibility
• Recirculates filtered air saving heating and cooling costs
• Productivity increases and moral improves by providing a cleaner working environment
• Reduces plant maintenance costs


Downflo Containment System:
• Flexible, modular, self-contained workstations
• Patented Ultra-Web nanofiber filters provide cleaner air longer
• Easy filter access requires no tools
• No hoods or ductwork required
• Energy savings – recirculate clean air and reduce the need for costly make-up air
• Ledgeless construction minimizes dust build up inside the collector
• Reversible louver inlets


Torit TD Dust Collector:
• Eon Fine Fiber Technology by Donaldson provides the highest filtration efficiency and longest filter life
• Filtration efficiency is exceptional at 99.9% on 0.5 µm dust particles
• Easy filter changeout for quicker maintenance
• Continuous-duty, pulse-cleaning design for continuous operation
• Lower operating pressure drop reduces operating costs
• Optional tangential inlet on round TD housings pre-separates dust for high-loading applications


Downdraft Bench:
• Heavy-gauge welded cabinet and direct drive fan provide long-lasting, dependable service
• Hinged side-wing panels open to accommodate longer workpieces
• Quick access to dust drawer provides easy and safe maintenance
• Built-in fluorescent light illuminates work area
• Helps support OSHA Clean Air Standards


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