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Torit Donaldson Dust Collectors

Dust Collection


Donaldson® Torit® helps manufacturers get cleaner air with dust & particulate filtration research & development programs unique within the industry. Turn to us for the most efficient collection and filtration technologies for all types of dust, fume, and mist particulate. You will find a broad line of collectors and filters available: from central, source and ambient systems to baghouse, envelope and cartridge technologies. Use one of our many standard models, or let us assemble an ideal solution for your unique application.

Cartridge Collectors

• Clear Air with Donaldson® Torit® advanced-technology Cartridge Dust Collectors
• Variety of Filter Media that Conquer the challenges of most Types of Industrial Dusts
• Applications:  Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Grain, Bulk/Powder, Food, Metal, Welding
• Ultra-Web Filters - There is a Difference

• Donaldson® Torit® offers a complete line of dependable, rugged baghouse dust collector
• Models: Cyclones, RF, Dalamatic, IRD, Unimaster
• Baghouse dust collectors have been used for industrial dust collection for over 50 years
• Solutions from nuisance dust to extremely heavy dust loads along with bin venting and product reclaim
• Dura-Life dust collector filter bags provide twice the bag life and lower maintenance costs
•  Dura-Life filter bags filter technology is standard in all Donaldson Torit baghouse dust collectors.

Torit PowerCore Collectors
• Smaller, Smarter Dust Collectors are only from Donaldson® Torit®
• Torit® PowerCore dust collectors with PowerCore technology outperforms every traditional collector
• Breakthrough technology like nothing you’ve seen in 30 years of dust collection

Fume Collectors
• Welders Are In Daily Contact With Harmful Weld Fume Particulate
• Weld Fume is Made Up Of 30 To 80 Percent Submicron-sized Particles
• Most of These Particles are Respirable (Enter The Lungs)
• Critical to Have Reliable, High Performance Fume Collectors
• Collect the Fume Before It Reaches Your Welder’s Breathing Zone

Mist Collectors
• Remove Submicron Contaminants from the Plant Atmosphere
• Uncollected Coolant and Machining Oil Mist Can Cause Slipper Floors
• Uncollected Coolant Can Collect On Machines, Walls and Ceilings
• Uncollected Coolant Can Create Unpleasant, High Maintenance Working Environment
• Torit Donaldson Has A Broad Range of Smoke and Mist Collectors

Ancillary Products
• Electrical Control Panels
• Fans
• Rotary Airlocks
• Ductwork
• Pneumatic Handling Systems
• Broken Bag Detectors

Replacement Filters
• Get Cleaner Air with Advanced Donaldson Torit Replacement Filters
• Cartridge, Panel, and Bag Filters
• Ultra-Web Nano-Fiber Replacement Cartridge Filters and Dura-Life Filter Bags
• Engineered with Proprietary Technology
• Higher Performance Industrial Air Filter Media
• Improves Efficiency, Saves Energy and Extends Filter Life
• Available for Most Competitive Brand Units

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